【英语单词】彻底解释“isolate a gene”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“isolate a gene”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

简单汉语中“isolate a gene”的意思

“isolate a gene” 是由三个英文单词( isolate、a、gene )组合而成的一个单词短语。

  • 「isolate」 的意思是: 从父代传递到子代并控制某些特征的细胞的一部分


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They are seeking to isolate the gene that predisposes some people to migraine.
【英语单词】彻底解释“isolate a gene”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
Scientists hope in future to isolate the genes that make the bacteria so aggressive and insert them into yeast, which – unlike pandas – could be produced on a commercial scale.
The two men sought to isolate the genes by transplanting segments of tissue from tumours into healthy cells.
His research allowed him to isolate the genes that code for these so-called tumour antigens.
【英语单词】彻底解释“isolate a gene”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
The first step involves choosing and isolating the gene that will be inserted into the genetically modified organism.

isolate a gene是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

It is also successfully achieved to isolate a gene for the identified β-glucosidase, and to express the gene in Trichoderma viride at a high level and impart a high β-glucosidase activity to a product of the expression by applying many types of modification to the nucleotide sequence for the gene.
此外,通过分离与所鉴定的β-葡萄糖苷酶相对应的 基因 ,并对其碱基序列进行许多修改,我们能够在绿色木霉中高表达该基因,并在表达产物中表现出高β-葡萄糖苷酶活性。我成功地做到了这一点。
Thus, it becomes possible to efficiently isolate a P450 gene from various microbial resources without resorting to a culture step or a step of averaging extracted DNA.
这使得从各种微生物资源中有效 分离 P450 基因 成为可能,而无需经过培养过程或提取 DNA 的平均过程。
The purpose of the present invention is to isolate and identify a gene having a function of increasing fruit size for grains, and to use said gene .
根据本说明书的公开内容,在印度型 水稻Kasaras 的6号染色体长臂中鉴定并 分离出 具有增加 籽粒 粒大功能的 基因 ,即GW6a基因
Therefore these mutants are very important resource to isolate genes responsible for mutant phenotypes by transposon tagging, and to study the effects of transposable elements on gene expressions.
其中许多是由转座子(Tpn1家族)诱导的,使其成为 基因克隆 和研究转座子对 基因 表达的影响的极其有价值的遗传资源。
He asked if I would be willing to help them isolate this gene .
戴夫 问我是否可以帮助他识别 造成这种情况的基因
His group was the first to identify and isolate the gene for hyaluronan synthase.
他的小组是第一个鉴定 并分离出 乙酰透明质酸合酶 基因的人
It is intended to isolate genes encoding enzymes participating in the vitamin E biosynthesis in para rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) and determine the base sequences of the individual genes .
本发明的目的是 分离一组编码 参与巴西橡胶中维生素E生物合成的酶的基因,并确定每个 基因 的碱基序列。
Prof. Ueda began his work in the field while conducting post-doctoral research from 1985-87 at the National Cancer Institute in the United States, where he was part of a project seeking to isolate genes related to multi-drug resistant cancers.
上田教授表示,他希望在未来10年致力于ABC蛋白的基础研究,从1985年作为博士后研究员开始,他在美国国家癌症研究所工作了两年,从事一个 分离相关基因的 项目。我参与了癌症的多药耐药性研究。
The next step is to isolate the candidate gene .
其最大的目标是消灭 吉翁(新吉翁)的残余势力
For this variety, they isolate the very genes that make the specific antigens the body needs to trigger its immune response to specific pathogens.
这个想法是 利用 产生抗原的 基因 来触发免疫反应。
The number had increase to 64 groups in the year 2000. The groups can be divided into those that were responsible for setting up the microarray system for this project (the Microarray Center) and those that utilize the microarray technique to isolate useful genes .
该项目分为负责建立微阵列系统(微阵列中心)的部分和负责利用阵列技术 分离 基因的 部分
Microarray is the powerful tool for understanding comprehensive gene expression at genome-wide level (for details, refer to the Technical Background Section). By using this system, it has become possible to isolate the genes quickly that confer resistances or are responsive to cold temperature, drought, unsuitable soil condition, insect pest and disease, etc. It has become possible by using this system to begin to quickly isolate the genes that confer such resistance.
该项目利用最近 备受 关注的微阵列技术(详见技术背景页)作为从基因组角度全面分析 基因 表达的技术,来检测暴露在低温、干燥条件、有害土壤等条件下的植物 目的是快速分离出 参与应对病虫害等各种环境 影响的 基因,以及被认为参与抗性机制的基因,并鉴定仅在 特定 组织和器官中表达的 基因 . 最初的目标是分离基因。
Nippon Paper Industries Isolates New Gene for Pulp Tree Breeding | Nippon Paper Group Wood resources are going to become increasingly scarce throughout the world.In order to secure a stable supply of wood resources for pulp, pulp and paper industries are establishing plantation operations all over the world.
成功 分离出 可用于开发可轻松制成纸浆的树木的新 基因 | 日本制纸集团 随着全球造纸和纸浆的木材资源日益稀缺,确保木材资源的稳定供应对于日本造纸公司来说非常重要。海外系统的造林项目至关重要。
When I read this interesting Nature paper in 1989, I instantly realized that I might be able to achieve both of my two main targets simultaneously: if I am able to isolate the genes strongly associated with the apoptosis/programmed death of self-reactive (stimulated) immature T cells by using the subtractive hybridization technique, they must become the very important clues for me to initiate my investigation on the molecular mechanisms involved in ‘self-nonself’ discrimination.
如果我们使用消减法来富集在受刺激的 T 细胞杂交瘤和生长因子耗尽的细胞系中普遍表达的 基因 ,我们应该能够实现相当高程度的 缩小 范围。当我向本庄教授提出这个想法时,一向严格的本庄教授同意了,因为我已经提交了几篇学位论文。期待已久的减法和PD-1期待已久的减法机会来了。
As a first step to isolate the floating rice genes , we conducted a genetic analysis and identified that gene regions on chromosomes 1, 3, and 12 facilitate internodal elongation in response to a rise in water level.We then developed near-isogenic lines for each of the 3 identified gene regions and tested their internodal elongation capacity.
作为 分离 深水条件下浮稻节间伸长相关 基因 的第一步,我们首先进行了与浮稻特性相关的遗传分析,并鉴定了以深水依赖性 方式 促进节间伸长的 基因 区域。,在1号染色体上检测到、 3 和 12。
To better understand microbial lifestyles and their potential to degrade recalcitrant compounds in the natural environment, we have clarified the environmental microbial genes that are specifically expressed and/or pivotal for survival/proliferation in the soil environment.We have also employed function- and sequence-driven metagenomic approaches to i) directly isolate and characterize genes for the degradation of pollutants, and ii) investigate the time-course response of the microbial community to pollutants in soil microcosms.
为了阐明这些观点,我们将研究(1)生长所必需并具有特定表达的微生物 基因 组的功能,(2)微生物分解功能的进化,以及(3)微生物种群的环境污染我们正在研究物质的时间依赖性响应模式,以及(4)新型环境污染物降解微生物和源自微生物群体的降解酶 基因
Mold Isolate a component instance by creation of its distinct new reference.
模具 通过单独 创建 新标准来分离组件实例。
Try to isolate a single variable.
尝试 仅隔离 一项更改。
To isolate a not updated element is not allowed
未更新的元素无法 分离
Removing Controls and Components to Isolate a Problem
通过 移除控件和组件来 识别 问题

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