【英语单词】彻底解释“intruder alarm”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“intruder alarm”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

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例句 Police were criticised for failing to respond to an intruder alarm that went off.
【英语单词】彻底解释“intruder alarm”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
例句 The maker claims they can also be used as a low-cost intruder alarm if attached to a door or window.
例句 Connecticut schools have been fitting yellow intruder alarms next to fire alarms in their corridors and dining halls.

intruder alarm是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

These can be far greater than the immediate financial loss, when access control, intruder alarm , perimeter protection, PSIM, video management, building management, and fire systems suffer downtime.
访问控制、 入侵警报 、周界保护、PSIM、视频管理、楼宇管理和消防系统的停机所产生的影响远远超出直接的财务损失。
The intruder alarms were disabled. – How?
只有一种 方法
KWE’s No. Baraki Terminal certified in TAPA Class A | Kintetsu World Express ※Note: TAPA Freight Security Requirements, FSR-2005 have 73 items, including perimeter security (close circuit television, lighting, alarm ), access control, security systems (monitoring, intruder alarms , card access) and procedures and documentation.
Log Terminal 4获得TAPA A级认证 | 近铁急运株式会社[KWE] *FSR-2005是TAPA为货运代理制定的托运货物防盗等安全要求和标准(2005年版)共有73项评价项目,包括 设施 安全和 报警设备 、闭路电视、照明、人员和车辆出入管理、钥匙和安全卡的使用和管理、货物交付确认以及文件、记录和信息的管理。
Applications include smart parking sensors, intruder and fire alarms , personal healthcare appliances, tracking devices, and street lamps to name a few.
NB-IoT 预计可用于广泛的应用,包括停车计时器、 入侵 警报器、火灾 警报器 、个人医疗保健设备、位置传感设备和街道照明。
For the night, This camera has infrared vision for viewing objects over 120 meters away, even in complete darkness (0 luxury). El system integrated Bosch Intelligent Video Análisis (VAT, offers a customization service to save can pay attention to relevant incidents or intruders , defaulting the alarm program, and to monitor and protect staff lacking facilities, as oil reservoirs or pipelines, since this system constantly analyzes catches and sounds the alarm in an emergency.
对于夜间使用,该摄像机具有红外视觉,即使在完全黑暗的情况下也可以查看 120 米内的物体(0 豪华)。El 系统集成了博世智能视频分析(增值)税 (VAT),我们提供定制服务,以节省您的费用注意相关事件和 入侵者 ,默认 报警 程序,并监控和保护缺乏人员的设施,石油储存或管道等,该系统不断分析捕获情况并在紧急情况下发出警报。
Take geese for instance. If you are looking for a noisy alarm when intruders , human or otherwise, approach, a goose or a flock of geese is ideal.
如果您希望在 入侵者 、人或其他物体接近时发出响亮的 警报 ,那么一只鹅或一群鹅是理想的选择。
The intruder alarms were disabled.
入侵警报 被禁用 – 怎么办?
Hikvision DS-2CD2T32-I5 also incorporates a variety of activation of intelligent alarms , including detection of intruders and movement; dynamic analysis, alarm tampering; disconnection of network, among other features.
海康威视 DS-2CD2T32-I5 还集成了各种智能报警 激活功能 ,包括 入侵 和移动检测、动态分析、 报警 篡改、网络断开等功能。控制中心的外壳电视具有 12 个 42 英寸 LED 屏幕、5 个 DS 9632NI XT NVR 系统32个频道,每个房间有16个硬盘。
It looks like the intruder got into your house through a basement window that wasn’t on your alarm system.
罪魁祸首 是从没有 警报 系统的地下室窗户进来的。
When the alarm goes off, the intruders run away.
然后 警报 响起。 入侵者 逃跑了。
RSI solutions, It is marketed under the brand name Videofid, they are designed to detect the presence of intruders , as well as recording and alerting the central station alarms .
Rsi 是一种解决方案,以 Videofid 品牌名称出售,旨在检测 入侵者 的存在。
The panel has been certified EN50131-3 grade 2 and, RTC further integrated communicator, Module supports alarm communicators IP and GPRS. Verification Alarm video may be performed in combination with IP Camera Series 200 de Bosch. This allows verification al control center user it al the power to detect precise way, through a moving type “smarphone”, where the alarm has been activated and if this really is an intruder .
验证报警视频可以与博世 200 系列 IP 摄像机结合使用。它允许其他以控制为中心的用户通过智能手机验证电源、移动类型,并激活 警报 。因此,如果这确实是 入侵者 ,它在哪里?
His role in the flock is likely to be raising the alarm if there are any intruders .
也许他在团体中的角色是 提醒 他的朋友注意 外人 的存在。
Officers are trained that, upon learning of an intruder on the grounds – often through the alarm boxes posted around the property – they must immediately lock the front door.
警察接受过培训,可以识别 现场的 入侵者 (通常是通过遍布整个物业的 警报 箱),以便他们必须立即锁上前门。
In a similar way, the modular MAP intrusion alarm system 5000 It is integrated with video surveillance solution, so that it can continue and automatically identify an intruder using camcorders.
以类似的方式,地图入侵者 警报 系统 5000 模块与视频监控解决方案集成,因此它可以使用摄像机自动识别 入侵者
This outdoor camera incorporates a sensor that allows you to notify when it detects an intruder . A strobe light a notification sent to the mobile phone and active at the time that emits a powerful sound alarm .
这款户外摄像头具有内置传感器,可以在检测到 入侵者 时通知您。当通知发送到您的手机时,频闪灯会被激活,并且强烈的声音 会再次提醒您
A smart fabric sets off the alarm (Fraunhofer IZM) Researchers have developed a new kind of anti-theft system, based on a woven fabric that triggers an alarm when penetrated by intruders .
Fraunhofer IZM(可靠性和微集成研究所)是一种使用廉价且坚固的导电纤维的损伤 检测 系统,可以通过将以网格图案编织成织物的导电纤维与压力 传感器 组合来检测大面积。我们开发了一种损伤检测系统 ,盖子
That is, by reproducing a message that a family member will soon be at home as if the message were made by an external call, an alarm to an intruder can be generated and it is possible to prevent theft by the intruder .
换句话说,通过 伪装 来自外部的来电,在家人回家时隐式 警告 他们,可以防止 入侵者 盗窃。
An alarm box near the front entrance of the White House designed to alert guards to an intruder had been muted at a request of the usher’s office.
白宫正门附近的一个 警报 箱,旨在提醒警卫注意 入侵者 ,在接待办公室的要求下已被关闭。
When attacked by intruders and attackers, it will emit a 120db loud alarm , suitable for girls, children, the elderly and other people who need protection.
当受到 入侵者 或攻击者攻击时,它会发出120分贝的大声 警报 ,适合女孩、儿童、老人等需要保护的人。

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