【英语单词】彻底解释“introgression”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“introgression”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

introgression是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Research Activity This group is studying the genetic factors necessary for efficient crop production by introgression or genomic rearrangement from wild species. The mechanism of gene expression by phytohormone is also being studied.
研究内容 本课题组旨在通过野生物种的基因 转移 和基因组重排,阐明高效粮食生产所需的遗传因素,并阐明植物激素对基因表达的控制机制。
Although a genetic introgression event (the introduction of genes from one species into another species) from African hominins into the early Neanderthal has been invoked to explain this discrepancy, uncertainty still exists due to scarcity of fossils.
对这种差异的一种解释是 遗传物质从非洲古人类引入 到早期尼安德特人(基因从一个物种流向另一个物种),但化石的稀缺使得这一点尚不确定。
Development of vigorous rice through introgression from wild rice and analysis of the causative factors Ideally, agriculture must be harmonized with the global environment through appropriate management in the 21st century.
引入野生 染色体部分开发 旺盛水稻及其影响因素分析 21世纪理想的农业形式是低投入、高产量、与环境和谐的可持续农业。
These include the relationship between birdsong and reproductive isolation, genetic correlations among traits and their evolutionary changes, migration to new islands and the founder effect, detection of inbreeding depression in the natural populations, genetic introgression due to hybridization, and character displacement caused by dramatic environmental changes.
此外,格兰特博士和夫人对加拉帕戈斯群岛 的达尔文雀 进行了长期研究,重点关注鸣叫与生殖隔离之间的关系、性状之间的遗传相关性和进化变化、迁徙到新岛屿以及创始人等方面,我们已经阐明各种进化现象,例如遗传变化的影响、野生近交抑制的检测、通过杂交进行的基因渗透以及剧烈环境变化引起的性状替换。
Introduction General and molecular genetics of plants and development of plant breeding methodology, with special emphasis of rice Research Theme Gene mapping and cloning in rice Genetic analysis of important traits of rice (Insect and disease resistance, Hybrid sterility, Domestication related traits) Collection, evaluation, development and preservation of genetic resources in rice (Marker gene stocks, Chromosomal variants, Recombinant inbred lines, Wild rice introgression lines) Staff
植物育种详情在植物育种的一般部分 之后 ,我们将介绍倍性育种、染色体工程、植物组织培养、遗传操作、转基因植物、分子标记在植物基因组分析中的应用、数量性状的遗传分析以及育种目标讲解种子和苗木管理等。此外,我还负责遗传学和农业实验。
Group of Genome Regulation Professor: Masahiko Maekawa (PI) Associate professor: Bunichi Ezaki Assistant Professor: Kazuhide Rikiishi Assistant Professor: Shigeko Utsugi Technician: Hideki Nishimura This group is studying the genetic factors necessary for efficient crop production by introgression or genomic rearrangement from wild species.
欢迎来到基因组控制组!教授:Maekawa,副教授:Bunichi Ezaki,副教授:Manabu Sugimoto,助理教授:Kazuhide Chikaraishi,助理教授:Shigeko Utsugi,技术人员:Hideki Nishimura 21 世纪的 可持续 农业和粮食安全基于与自然的和谐环境,这是人类在共生环境中生存的极其重要的问题。
Horin, expressed as ‘Futai Kinrin’ (literally, non- retrogression golden wheel) in the sutras.
《法轮经》说,这是 永不 褪色的金戒。
The retrogression standard applies irrespective of whether the voting change allegedly causes vote denial or vote dilution.
无论投票法的改变是否会导致投票被否决或削弱,这一 回归 标准都适用。
“We are seeing a retrogression of democracy in many parts of the world,” he said.
然而,出于某种原因,中国有一种感觉, 他们想向美国学习
In Beer v. United States (1976), the Court held that for a voting change to have a prohibited discriminatory effect, it must result in ” retrogression ” (backsliding).
比尔诉美国案( Beer v. United States,1976)裁定,投票法的改变必须是倒退的,才能产生禁止的歧视性效果。
The problem lies in the fact that the retrogression of the company and the researchers progressed conjointly.
问题在于,公司内部的 倒退 和研究人员的倒退相结合。
You are not qualified to speak of retrogression ; rather, along your path of practice, you have frequently become slack and lazy.
你没有权利谈论 撤退 。这是因为他们在 苦行修行 道路上 常常偷懒、偷懒。
Since Mr. Pu was arrested with ambiguous charges such as provoking furor and illegally obtaining personal information, there is widespread of disappointment as ” retrogression of rule of law” all over the world as well as in China.
浦良以煽动骚乱和非法获取个人信息等模糊罪名被捕,引发国内外广泛不满,称其为 法治 倒退
All beings who reach the Pure Land will be in three states of non- retrogression . One of those is to not retrogress in the Bodhicitta.
到达净土是最安全的,那里有三种 不退 转,其中之一就是菩提心不还。
Since Shuni-e in Todai-ji Temple began in 752, it has been passed down until now without cessation and is “gyoho of non- retrogression ” which continues as long as Todai-ji Temple exists.
东大寺修持会自752年(天平正宝4年)开始,至今 从未 停止过。只要东大寺存在,这种修行就会一直持续下去。
If the applicant demand with early priority dates continues to increase, further retrogression may be expected. Similarly the priority date for EB3 employment based visas was retrogressed to April 1, 2011.
In Reno v. Bossier Parish (Bossier Parish II) (2000), the Supreme Court extended the retrogression standard, holding that for a voting change to have a “discriminatory purpose” under Section 5, the change must have been implemented for a retrogressive purpose.
2000年,在里诺诉博西尔县教育委员会一案中,最高法院扩大了 倒退 标准,要求根据第5条,对于具有歧视性目的的投票法变更,必须以倒退为目的进行变更。裁定没有必要。
Instead, they started to use the expressions such as “to make a cross with medical science” [Note 3] and “Mahikari-no-waza is not to cure diseases.””To make a cross with medical science” shows a dramatic retrogression from Okada’s high-spirited expressions, which included his boasting words “in our Mahikari we don’t need internal medicine.”
此外,当“Mahikari的工作”没有效果时,“Mahikari的工作不能治愈疾病”被用作借口,这已经 变得 很普遍。光看这些变化就可以看出,“真光的作品”并不像冈田自信地宣称的那么伟大。

introgression ”的声音!

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