【英语单词】彻底解释“catchword”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

【英语单词】彻底解释“catchword”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆

「“catchword”」的含义 (noun)






Real world complications are finally analyzed under three catchwords: human capital formation, responsibility, and the subsistence constraint.
The changes in the use of catchwords reflect the varying characteristics of different periods of time.
From this perspective, catchwords are signs of the times.
【英语单词】彻底解释“catchword”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
Marking the ten-year ferment in the 1970s were catchwords like the rebel, bad elements4, reading every day5, and a long life6.
叛逆、坏元素 4、每日阅读 5 和长寿 6 等流行语定义了 20 世纪 70 年代的十年。
Since governance has become something of a catchword in political (science) circles, its usage has been both loose and universalising.
治理已成为政治(科学)界的 流行语 ,因此其用法已松散地普遍化。
However, there is more to it than just a simple case of complying with popular catchwords.
【英语单词】彻底解释“catchword”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
Participation is perhaps becoming something of a catchword —almost a shibboleth.
参与可能正在成为 一个流行语 。这几乎是陈词滥调。
As for majority rule, that, to my mind, is just a political catchword .
在我看来,多数决定只是一个政治 口号
Secondly: regionalisation is another catchword which repeatedly gives rise to controversial debate.
其次,区域化是另一个屡次引发争议的 口号
【英语单词】彻底解释“catchword”! 含义、用法、例句、如何记忆
In the absence of all argument in support of the measure we have had recourse to catchwords.

“catchword”的同义词列表。 让我们按顺序来记住吧!。

  • byword
  • catchphrase
  • maxim
  • password
  • refrain
  • shibboleth
  • slogan
  • watchword
  • household word

“catchword”是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

英语 含义(中文翻译) 详细解释!
catchword 广告口号、标语、标语 (流行语,避免)
Thanks to its popularity on the Internet, “selfie” became a catchword.

catchword是一个英语单词,有几个不同的含义。 让我们用例句来解释每个的含义和用法!

Sustainable development is the new catchword in global affairs – UNESCO has long been engaged in clarifying what it really means on the ground.
可持续发展是全球事务中的新 口号 ,也是联合国教科文组织多年来一直致力于解决的问题。
The catchword became public diplomacy and especially in the United States this has led to copious amount of literature, fuelled by the discussion on “soft power”, a term that Joseph Nye Jr. coined in the 1990s.
于是,公共外交就成了 口号 。特别是在美国,由于对约瑟夫·奈创造的“软实力”一词的争论,20 世纪 90 年代发表了大量论文。
As the first pillar, with “If there is a chance, all the departments shall aim to cultivate overseas markets” as the catchword , we will actively take on the of expansion into overseas markets.
作为第一支柱,只要有机会,各部门都会积极迎接拓展海外市场的挑战,以开拓海外市场为 座右铭
As the second pillar, with “starting up our in-house services by our own hands” as the catchword , we will aim for in-house development of services that will make the people of the world happy, and will continue the expansion of our service development business.
作为我们的第二个支柱,我们将继续扩大我们的内部服务开发业务,以开发让全世界人民满意的内部服务为 目标 ,以“用我们自己的双手推出我们自己的服务”为座右铭。
“Activating in the local by thinking global”, is a catchword World Council of Churches upholds, and without knowing them we were practicing them.
立足本地、放眼全球是世界基督教协进会的 座右铭 之一。
No signature or catchword has been printed.
不打印折叠标记或 标语
From that time on, “final settlement of the post-war politics” has become his catchword .
从此,“全面解决战后政治”这句话就成了中曾根的 主要口号
The catchword on the verso of folio 199 corresponds with the first word on the recto of the next folio, 100, and there is no confusion within the text of the Ethics itself.
写在第 199 页背面末尾(即跨页左侧)的标语(通过在第 199 页末尾 下一页的开头短语来避免签名顺序混乱的方法)前一页)正确对应了第 100 页的以下开头短语,并且《伦理学》本身的文本中没有混淆(因此,这部分只是对开页编号的错位)。
Keiko Katsuura, representative of an environmental group called NPO Green Consumer Takamatsu, called for the involvement of NPOs, businesses, municipalities, and volunteers with the Total Udon Cycle Consortium, established in January 2012, with “mottainai (meaning”waste not, want not, “)” as its catchword , signaling the start of this collaboration among government, industry, and other components of the public and private sectors.
NPO绿色消费者高松代表Keiko Katsuura 呼吁 这一点,并于2012年1月成立了由NPO、企业、政府、志愿者等参与的乌冬面Marugoto循环联盟,其口号是“Mottainai”。
Gote-ru’ was a catchword at that time, meaning ‘to complain.’
The catchword of the “choice of administration” is nothing but the cover-up of the reality that there is “no choice.”
日本民主党 反对 小泉的改革太慢(10/10,冈田秘书长)和新自由主义政策的彻底性。
I’ve said jokingly that in time the word “pizza” will be used instead of saying “ciao.”Even if that time never comes, the catchword has now changed from pizza to sushi.
那是乔!披萨代替问候!这就是我开始说的!曾经有一段时间我 对自己微笑 ,但即使这样的时刻永远不会到来,意大利人的第二个词是寿司而不是披萨。
No catchword is used.In the Keio copy, most of the spaces reserved for the initials to be supplied by hand have been left blank.
正文 中有手绘装饰大写字母的空白,但在庆应义塾版本中,大部分部分都留有空白。
The leaflet’s catchword “Heaven on Earth” was a bit exaggerated, I thought, but there was the white sand inside the water which was very clean and clear.
由于这是一个受欢迎的海滩,所以非常拥挤。大部分都是年轻人, 有的 赤裸上身 ,这是我以前从未见过的。

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