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It does, however, have a large car park and a taxi rank .
Car parking facilities are available at the station which is also served by a taxi rank .
Immediately outside the station is the taxi rank and a car park.
Some people take a couple of bags, one in each hand, to a taxi rank in the centre of the road and there might be danger of an accident.
The railway station has a dedicated public hire taxi rank that operates 24 hours a day.
鉄道駅には、24 時間営業の専用の公共ハイヤータクシー乗り場があります。
A taxi rank is situated in front of the terminal.
One can see a queue at a taxi rank and choose to get the bus home.
A 150 space car park, cycle storage, bus stop, drop off point and taxi rank will also be on the site.


読み方は【ˈtæk·si ˌræŋk】です。下記動画を聞きながらˈtæk·si ˌræŋkを大声で発音しましょう


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A taxi rank is usually situated just outside the station.
It is set right next to the Spagna metro stop, bus stops and a taxi rank.
Get off the bus and go straight ahead and you will find a taxi rank.
A taxi rank is located to the left of the square as one leaves the terminal.
Guests will find a taxi rank just outside the hotel, as well as numerous bus stops for getting around the city.
The hotel is ideally situated for exploring Palermo as the taxi rank is just 50 meters away, while the very central Via Roma (one of the city’s main streets) is only 25 metres away.
タクシー乗り場が50m先にございますのでパレルモ観光に大変便利です。また市内のメインストリートであるVia Romaはわずか25m先となっております。
The taxi rank is located just outside the baggage claim area.
レンタカーは空港内にあります タクシー乗り場は手荷物受取所のすぐ外側にあります。
At the taxi rank, a huge stretch limousine pulled up in front of me with a Korean driver.
タクシー乗り場で、目の前に横付けしてあった巨大なストレッチリムジンに乗っていたのは韓国人のドライバーだった。 金氏はソウル出身だ。
Leaving the airport via the taxi rank will incur a 50-baht surcharge and there’s sometimes a long queue.
空港のタクシー乗り場から乗ると 50 バーツの追加料金が発生します。また、タクシー待ちの長蛇の列ができている場合があります。
Using a wheelchair, he clenches some coins left in a vending machine and arrives at the taxi rank in front of the hospital.
TO get to the taxi rank from the Lindbergh terminal, cross the Tram Level (Level T) towards the parking ramp and go up one Level.
に Lindberghターミナルからタクシー乗り場に着きます。
Directly above the Admiralty MTR station interchange, providing access to multiple lines, Admiralty Centre is also next to the Admiralty bus interchange and taxi rank.
Admiralty MTR駅の立体交差の真上にあるため、複数の電車にアクセスできます。Admiralty Centreは、Admiraltyバス・インターチェンジとタクシー乗り場も隣接しています。
For those interested in taking a taxi, there is also a taxi rank outside the airport terminal. The local time is GMT +1 (GMT +2 between the last Sunday of March and the last Sunday of October).
それらのための タクシーに乗ることに興味を持って、外のタクシー乗り場もあります 現地時間はGMT + 1(3月の最終日曜日と10月の最終日曜日の間はGMT + 2)です。
After that, I had him give the phone back to its owner, the aforementioned Japanese woman, and when I explained the situation, she was kind enough to say, “I’m a bit worried, so I’ll go with him to the taxi rank!”
その後、再び電話の持ち主である前述の日本人女性にかわってもらい、状況を説明すると、 私、ちょっと心配なので、タクシー乗り場まで一緒について行きます! とおっしゃってくださいました。
Car rental companies operating at the airport include Avis, Hertz and Europcar.Norwich Airport Taxis are the official taxi service that operates in The airport and the taxi rank are outside the front of the main street. terminal building.
HertzとEuropcar.Norwich Airport Taxisは、で運営されている公式のタクシーサービスです。 空港とタクシー乗り場はメインの正面の外側にあります ターミナルビル。
(Especially in winter it is advisable to reserve a parking space in advance.)Shuttle trains of the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway between Täsch and Zermatt run every 20 minutes.Pick-up service: Our porter will be happy to collect you upon your arrival in Zermatt at the train station or the taxi rank.
+4127960 00 00.(特に冬には事前に駐車スペースを予約することをお勧めします) タシュとツェルマットの間にあるMatterhorn Gotthard鉄道のシャトル列車が毎日運行しています 送迎サービス: ツェルマットへの到着時に列車駅またはタクシー乗り場でピックアップできます。
Take the stairs down towards the West exit taxi rank.
Taxi: to take a taxi you must wait at a taxi rank.
I arrived in Kyoto Station a very weary tourist and like almost every other tourist who arrives at night time, I scurried through the exit to find the taxi rank.
Hotel Le 21ème, Strasbourg, France | Rating by guests: 6.4 Based on 87 reviews Situated close to the tram and bus stops and taxi rank at Place de l’Homme de Fer, the hotel welcomes you near the Petite France district and famous Place Kléber.
Hotel Le 21ème, ストラスブール, フランス | ゲストレビュー: 6.4 Based on 全87件 当館はプチット・フランス地区(Petite France)、クレベール広場(Place Kléber)の近くに建つホテルです。付近のPlace de l`Homme de Ferの乗り場より、バス、タクシー、トラムを利用可能です。