Specific mechanisms associated with desiccation sensitivity of recalcitrant seeds are still not resolved.
難治性 種子の乾燥感受性に関連する特定のメカニズムはまだ解決されていません。
At a practical level there are some encouraging results from attempts to extend the storage lifespan of some recalcitrant seeds.
実際のレベルでは、一部の 扱いにくい 種子の貯蔵寿命を延ばす試みから、有望な結果が得られています。
Seeds of durian do contain storage proteins, and this is one of the first studies to explore storage protein deposition in this recalcitrant seed.
ドリアンの種子には貯蔵タンパク質が含まれており、これはこの 扱いにくい 種子の貯蔵タンパク質の沈着を調査した最初の研究の 1 つです。
Recalcitrant seeds usually have no period of quiescence and germinate shortly after fruit abscission.
反抗的 な種子は、通常、静止期間がなく、果実の脱落直後に発芽します。
This school holds that recalcitrant problems in syntax and especially semantics should be given solutions found with the assistance of an independently motivated pragmatic theory.
この学派は、構文、特に意味論における 扱いにくい 問題には、独自に動機付けられた実用的な理論の助けを借りて見つけられる解決策が与えられるべきであると考えています。
He himself will not forget to claim his ‘ kola ‘ or rightful ‘ part ‘, as occurs when the potential donor seems distracted or recalcitrant .
潜在的なドナーが気を散らしたり、 反抗的 に見える場合に発生するように、彼自身は彼の「コラ」または正当な「部分」を要求することを忘れません.
Although recalcitrant seeds are common in mesic tropical forests, they are by no means confined to these systems.
反抗的な 種子はメシック熱帯林では一般的ですが、決してこれらのシステムに限定されるわけではありません.
Recalcitrant seeds cannot survive desiccation to the range of water contents where the longevity of orthodox seeds increases with decreasing water content.
難治 性の種子は、オーソドックスな種子の寿命が水分含有量の減少とともに増加する水分含有量の範囲まで乾燥に耐えることができません。
They showed fictionalised encounters between a range of recalcitrant youths and the authorities.
それらは、さまざま な反抗的な 若者と当局との間のフィクション化された出会いを示しました。
Due to their sensitivity to desiccation and/or low temperatures, recalcitrant and intermediate seeds are reputed to have a relatively short life span.
乾燥および/または低温に対する感受性のために、 難治性 および中間の種子は、寿命が比較的短いと言われています。





  • fractious
  • obstinate
  • rebellious
  • unruly
  • wayward
  • contrary
  • contumacious
  • defiant
  • indomitable
  • insubmissive
  • insubordinate
  • intractable
  • opposing
  • radical
  • refractory
  • resistant
  • resisting
  • stubborn
  • undisciplinable
  • undisciplined
  • ungovernable
  • unmanageable
  • untoward
  • unwilling
  • wild
  • willful
  • withstanding


  • agreeable
  • compliant
  • manageable
  • obedient
  • yielding
  • amenable
  • passive


英語 意味(和訳) 詳しく解説!
recalcitrant 反抗的な、扱い難い、手に負えない、厄介な (reluctant, uncooperative)
The recalcitrant child was forced to eat vegetables.


The enforcement of security by local banks in relation to non-performing loans (NPL’s) within the real estate sector has historically been slow, but due to the high levels of NPLs, even some of the most recalcitrant of local banks are enforcing their security over property development projects.
He would have to cripple these recalcitrant middle men by destroying their assets, in effect destroying assets he personally has a stake in.
His father, fearful that the boy may electrocute himself, punishes him for that.A parent threatens to punish his child only as a benefit for the child, even though the recalcitrant child might be too immature to realize that the punishment stems from his father’s love and concern.
In our laboratory, we address the evolutionary mechanisms behind the emergence of such pollutant-metabolizing bacteria at the gene, enzyme, cell, genome, consortia, and environmental levels.Based on the findings, we aim to develop new technologies that use the previously unexplored microbial functions to clean up recalcitrant environmental pollutants.
His mildness was a disadvantage when attempting to deal with his recalcitrant singers.
Phytate is recalcitrant in the soil due to its chemical structure that makes it inaccessible to plants intact.
Station Gorilla is one of those restaurants that have everything to seduce even the most recalcitrant palates.
Station Gorillaは、最も頼りになる口蓋を誘惑するものがすべてそろっているレストランの1つです。
Similarly, Japanese judges do not have broad powers to sanction or imprison recalcitrant parties for contempt of court.
Heaven summoned us here to use our fleets, at the divinely appointed time, to liberate you from your recalcitrant rulers.
In earlier times, the great powers did not hesitate to use military force to bend recalcitrant debtors to their will.
He also recalcitrant to bring me to the other of the two hills, or not said that he.
However, the P-5 in the Security Council have been recalcitrant.
The occasion of the British referendum result should be used to convince the recalcitrant states to divide the responsibilities laid down in Union, demonstrating a firm attitude with who contravenes these obligations.
The Deys of Tunis and Tripoli agreed without any resistance, but the Dey of Algiers was more recalcitrant and the negotiations were stormy.
Charles finally sent royal commissioners to New England in 1664 to enforce his demands, but Massachusetts, of all the New England colonies, was the most recalcitrant, refusing all of the substantive demands or enacting changes that only superficially addressed the issues.
For the European Union it is time to alone handle the immigration emergency, no awkward allies that inevitably will present the bill; this must also be done by forcing recalcitrant members to take charge of the problem, otherwise drastic cuts in funding and even expulsion.
欧州連合(EU)のためには、必然的に法案を提示する全く厄介な同盟国、移民緊急に対処しない単独のに時間です。 これはまた、問題を担当する資金とさえ追放でそれ以外の大幅削減を反抗メンバーを強制することによって行われなければなりません。
For many years, he campaigned steadfastly for the rights of the villagers, first establishing via ancient title deeds their claims to disputed land, and then pressing the recalcitrant governor of Morelos into action.
It is said that senior vassals Kiyotsuna KAIHO, Kazumasa ISONO, and Naotsune ENDO were against this, and one theory claims that the military advance against Nobunaga was made by recalcitrant vassals who were against Nobunaga.
Nuclear Abolition News | IPS By THALIF DEEN UNITED NATIONS (IPS) – A group of about 20 “eminent persons” is to be tasked with an unenviable job: convince eight recalcitrant countries to join the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).
国連事務総長、核実験禁止条約未参加8か国への働きかけを強める 【国連IPS=タリフ・ディーン】 約20人の賢人が、包括的核実験禁止条約(CTBT)への参加を頑強に拒んできた8か国の説得にあたるという、極めて困難任務に挑むことになりそうだ。
N.Korean People lament, “We’ll be done if Chinese enforce the sanctions”(ページ2) 2016/2/5The international community is calling for further sanctions on North Korea following the recalcitrant state’s fourth nuclear test, and plans to launch a satellite rocket in the coming weeks.Around 90% of North Korea’s foreign trade is with China.
<北朝鮮内部>中国が制裁強めたら潰れる 住民が中国依存の現実を吐露 | アジアプレス・ネットワーク 4度目の核実験を強行し、さらに衛星ロケットを来週にも発射することを予告している北朝鮮に対し、強力経済制裁を科すべきだとの声が国際社会で高まっている。