the Cambridge Gazetteer of the United States and Canada
米国およびカナダのケンブリッジ ガゼッター


One suspects that much more written evidence remains to be discovered, particularly from gazetteers.
At this time, the government decided to stop all sales and distribution of the gazetteer .
この度、政府は 地名集 の販売・配布を一切停止することを決定いたしました。
The gazetteer provides a reference framework to which the reader can refer and further enhances the factual nature of the book.
地名辞典 は、読者が参照できる参照フレームワークを提供し、本の事実の性質をさらに強化します。
The gazetteer look-up and the rules do not need to be particularly high-performing over the learning corpus.
地名辞典 の検索とルールは、学習コーパスよりも特に高性能である必要はありません。
The gazetteers were also printed from carved wooden blocks.
So this raises the question: is there a place for gazetteer in the twenty-first century?
ここで疑問が生じます: 21 世紀に 地名辞典 の場所はあるのでしょうか?
The primacy of the parish is also reflected in contemporary gazetteers.
Indeed, the gazetteer entry anticipates almost all aspects of his characterization.
実際、 地名辞典 のエントリは、彼の性格描写のほぼすべての側面を予測しています。
Accounts of worship services appear both in gazetteers and in memorials and imperial edicts.
The resulting map was then published with the supporting gazetteer of information.
結果として得られた地図は、補助的な情報 地名 とともに発行されました。





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英語 意味(和訳) 詳しく解説!
gazetteer 地名辞典[索引 ] (geographical directory or index)
gazetteer (官報)記者 historical (journalist)


However, Morse was unable to finish the gazetteer in time for his 1784 geography and postponed it.
Emperor Taizu of Song ordered Lu Duosun and a team of cartographers and scholars in 971 to initiate the compilation of a huge atlas and nationwide gazetteer that covered the whole of China proper, which comprised approximately 1,200 counties and 300 prefectures.
趙匡胤は971年、Lu Duosunと製図家などの学者に約1,200の県と300の地区を含む中国本土全体を扱った巨大な地名集を作成するよう指示した。
The “Yojisongnam” gazetteer compiled from 1451 to 1500 provides a small description for 369 different foreign countries known to Joseon Korea in the 15th century.
Historian Truesdell S. Brown asserts that what Dionysius describes in this quote about the logographers should be categorized not as a true “history” but rather as a gazetteer.
歴史家のTruesdell S. Brownは、ディオニュシオスのロゴグラポスに関する記述は歴史というよりも地名集に分類されるべきものであろうと述べている。
To supplement his “new large Map of England” from 1677, the English cartographer John Adams compiled the extensive gazetteer “Index Villaris” in 1680 that had some 24,000 places listed with geographical coordinates coinciding with the map.
1677年に出版したnew large Map of Englandを補足する形で、イギリスの製図学者ジョン・アダムスは約24,000の地名とその地理学的な位置を収録した地図と対応させたIndex Villarisという地名集を1680年に出版した。
This exhibition, gazetteer (i.e., an index of geographical information), serves as the first retrospective of Matsue’s career.It systematically presents Matsue’s work, a collection of photographs bearing the names of places throughout the world, from his earliest to his most recent efforts.
地名のデータベースを意味する地名事典/ gazetteer[ギャゼティア]と題した本展は、活動の初期から現在に至るまで、世界中の土地の名前を写真というかたちで収集してきた作家の仕事を体系的に紹介する、初の回顧展となります。
In his review, Jeff Sieken was generally impressed, mentioning its colorful folder, the outside covers of which are “adorned with the numerous coats-of-arms of the various states, cities and factions chronicled within the gazetteer“.
Maolin always pay attention to style prosperity teaching is the talented people in place, gazetteer has been recorded in the Ming and Qing emperors appointed several prominent officials, in recent modern and out of Sek-yan, WU Zu-Zu-xiang, WU Yu-for example, Wu semi-agriculture, and so a large number of prominent politicians, economic and cultural celebrities.
Each Gazetteer also offers a list of scenario ideas appropriate to the campaign setting.
The above article incorporates text from the United States Geological Survey Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature, which is in the public domain.
上述の記事は、アメリカ地質調査Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature(当該サイトはパブリックドメイン)内の記述を組み合わせたものである。
According to the Gazetteer of the Sirmur state, the Guru was compelled to quit Anadpur due to differences with Bhim Chand, and went to Toka.
シルムール州の地名集によると、グル・ゴービンド・シングはBhim Chandとの決裂のためにアナントプル・サーヒブを離れることを強いられ、トカへと移動した。
To provide the level of detail needed for such a venture, WotC published the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, the most in-depth examination of the world of Greyhawk ever produced, and the official starting point for not only the campaign, but also for all home campaigns from that point forward.
Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (Wizards of the Coast, 2000) Redman, Rich, Skip Williams, and James Wyatt.
Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (ウィザーズ・オブ・ザ・コースト、2000年) ^ リーチ・レッドマン、スキップ・ウィリアムズ、ジェームス・ワイアット。
The Gazetteer of Illinois and Missouri, published in 1822, mentioned Chicago as “a village of Pike County” containing 12 or 15 houses and about 60 or 70 inhabitants.
According to the 1972 edition compiled by the Taiwan Provincial Documents Editorial Board “Gazetteer of Taiwan Province” records: “Guangxu 18 years Sulu Tribe sand Beitou community group leader, because there is no change to encroach on young girls and the like Quan, community public agreement shot of; Guangxu years a woman fog Community Kanan social behavior obscene, makes the women who rattan cage loaded into LTK torrent; Peitou Law Uk Buge community group leader and the sister, though already engagement, however with his men and people from the plains multiple adultery, promiscuous behavior, social public investment Ta after the resolution of slaughter.”
1972版台湾省の文書編集委員会 地名辞典台湾省のまとめによると、 記録: 光緒は18歳スールー族砂投のコミュニティグループのリーダーは、変化なしの若い女の子と泉のように、コミュニティ公共契約を浸食することですので、のショット;光緒年間の女性霧コミュニティカナンのコミュニティが行為をわいせつ、女性の籐のケージがLTK急流に読み込ま人;投法ウクBugeコミュニティグループリーダーと妹、しかし、すでに婚約、彼の男性と人、複数の不倫、浮気、社会公共投資カンタ平野からしかしと虐殺の決議後。
Archaeologists point to 17th century as its time of first construction but now Sindh archaeologists agree that some of the present structure was reconstructed by Mir Karam Ali Khan Talpur Baloch and his brother Mir Murad Ali Baloch in 1812 at a cost of 1.2 million rupees (Sindh Gazetteer, 677).
最初の建設を17世紀だと指摘する考古学者達がいるが、現シンドの考古学者達は、現在の遺構の一部分は、 Mir Karam Ali Khan Talpur とその兄弟の Mir Murad Aliが、1812年に120万ルピーをかけて再建したものだという見解で一致している(Sindh Gazetteer, 677).。
After TSR was taken over by Wizards of the Coast, the World of Greyhawk setting was updated again, and publications of this time period such as Greyhawk: The Adventure Begins (1998), the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (2000), and Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk (2007) also provide information regarding the city in the post-wars period.
TSRがウィザーズ・オブ・ザ・コーストに吸収合併された後、ワールド・オブ・グレイホーク・セッティングは再び更新され、この時期の出版物はグレイホーク:ジ・アドベンチャー・ビギンズ (1998年)、リビング・グレイホーク・ガゼティア (2000年)、エクスペディション・トゥ・ザ・ルーインズ・オブ・グレイホーク (2007年)などがあり、同じく戦後期のこの都市に関する情報を提供した。
The book comes with a folder containing maps and a gazetteer describing every state and region on the maps.
Tangono kuni Fudoki Itsubun, a lost writing of regional gazetteer for Tango Province carries the following story as an engi (writing about the history) of Nagu-no-yashiro Shrine
In his journal article “Alexander and the Ganges” (1923), the 20th-century historian W.W. Tarn calls a list and description of satrapies of Alexander’s Empire written between 324 and 323 BC as an ancient gazetteer.
1923年に発行された雑誌の記事Alexander and the Gangesにおいて、20世紀の歴史家W・W・ターン (W.W. Tarn) は古代の地名集として 紀元前324年~323年の間アレクサンドロス時代の太守によって作成された地名集を挙げている。