She managed to get exquisite material out of the dullness of her home town.
Symptoms are shivers and chills, headache, double vision, dullness and apathy.


The dullness of the cloudy sky and the increasing wind made us decide to turn back.
Skin affected by dehydration can fall victim to dullness, flakiness, and even fine lines and wrinkles.





  • aridity
  • boredom
  • commonplaceness
  • drabness
  • dreariness
  • dryness
  • familiarity
  • flatness
  • insipidity
  • insipidness
  • lifelessness
  • routine
  • sameness
  • slowness
  • staleness
  • tediousness
  • tedium
  • uninterestingness
  • vapidity
  • monotomy


  • excitement
  • action
  • interest
  • liveliness


英語 意味(和訳) 詳しく解説!
dullness 退屈 figurative (being unexciting)
The dullness of this movie is making me sleepy.
dullness 鈍さ、遅鈍、重苦しさ (lack of vividness)
The artist’s depression is represented by the dullness of the colors in the painting.


Eliminates dullness*1 for shining, beautiful white teeth.
Focuses on the three factors that affect dullness*1 of teeth.
Are we not at the same time dealing with a mental dullness and materialistic superficiality in the majority of Gentiles, when they have let themselves be usurped – even over centuries, and now even let themselves become slowly exterminated, through low birthrates, vicious anti-white propaganda and laws and heavy non-white immigration.
場合には、人権問題について、我々はまた、いくつかの人間の義務を負う必要な最小限の文明と正直な振る舞いをするように他の人々ですか? それと同時に私たちは精神的な対処を濁音と浅薄で、大半の唯物gentiles 、かれら自身がletにusurped -さえ世紀以上、そして今も徐々に絶滅になるl et自身を通じて、低い出生率、悪質な反ホワイトプロパガンダと非白人の移民法と重いです。
Meditation assists in the transition: the intensity of attention, from stress to grace, from sickness to health, from fear to fearlessness, from dullness to sharpness of perception of rigidity to flexibility, from frustration to satisfaction, from restlessness to serenity, from complexity to simplicity, from the fragmentation of integrity, from vanity to sanity, from war to peace, from a sense of ownership in custody, from loneliness to a sense of unity, from suffering to bliss, from bondage to liberation, from indifference to compassion, from the conceit of unselfishness, from competition to cooperation.
This blue colored milk covers up dullness all on the whole body.
Protects skin from dullness and hydrates skin.
So much dullness and dirt that now only the national guards and can be entrusted with the electoral process.
The surface of rough skin has uneven and rough texture, which could cause skin dullness.
Less effective and care with your favorite cosmetics using it long time from when I was young, probably because of the dullness and skin irritation around theI’m tired? More can be said.
Luxurious moisturizing and UV cut effects protect your skin while preventing dullness, blemishes, open pores and wrinkles and fixing skin color.
With one circle square rivets around, the dullness is broken and add fashion element.
とともに 約1円平方リベット、くすみが壊れやファッションを追加されている 要素。
Amysulpryd – Medicine Acute and chronic schizophrenic disorders, accompanied by a pronounced positive (delirium, hallucinations, Disorder thinking, and others.) and/ or negative (affective dullness, lack of emotion and care of communication and others.) symptoms, incl. for patients with predominantly negative symptoms.Contraindications.
Amysulpryd - 医学 急性および慢性統合失調症, 顕著な正を伴います (譫妄, 幻覚, 障害 思考、などがあります。 ) および/または負 (感情くすみ, 通信、その他の感情とケアの欠如。 ) 症状, 税込. 主に陰性症状を有する患者のための.
Dancing is not only a nice way to stay in shape, but also an occupation that will bring a lot of excitement, energy and will help brighten the dullness of everyday life! Tags
ダンスは、形状に滞在する素晴らしい方法だけではないが、興奮、エネルギーの多くをもたらすでしょう、役立つ職業が日常生活のくすみを明るくも! タグ
[PROBLEMS] To provide: a colorant for cosmetic preparations which is highly safe, bright, and free from dullness; and a makeup cosmetic.
Lychee contains polyphenol called “leucocyanidin”, and it has the powerto prevent and improve stain, dullness, and freckles.
食べすぎ注意な理由と正しい食べ方 ロイコシアニジンというポリフェノールがライチには含まれており、シミやくすみ、そばかすなどを予防、改善する力があります。
Reduce dullness and fatigue in 50 minutes with double exfoliation and masks, followed by a facial massage that incorporates rejuvenating gemstones.
50 分間のこのコースでは、ダブル・エクスフォリエーションとマスクの後に、ジェムストーンを使った活力を取り戻すフェイシャル・マッサージでお肌のくすみや疲れを改善。
It also contains many active ingredients that prevent bad breath, tooth decay, freckles/skin dullness, constipation etc.
また、口臭 予防や虫歯予防、肌のシミ・くすみ対策や、便秘予防などに有効な成分も多く含まれています。
Stabilizes skin health, and gives you constant pearl-like beautiful skin with no dullness whatsoever.
Item Details This concealer-type foundation beautifully covers worrisome large blemishes, dullness, wrinkles, freckles, and redness on the face that are difficult to cover with regular makeup.
商品詳細 普段のメイクでは隠しづらいと感じる大きなシミ・くすみ・小じわ・ソバカス・赤みなど顔全体に広がる気になるところをキレイにカバーするコンシーラータイプのファンデーションです。
Brush and back off the right way The excess friction caused by the comb or brush may weaken the yarns, resulting in frizz, dullness and split ends.
ブラシとバック正しい方法オフ 櫛又はブラシに起因する過剰な摩擦が縮れ、くすみ及び枝毛、その結果、糸を弱めることができます。