和訳:【逃亡, 遺棄, 放棄】


While attractive to labourers, however, these conditions also contributed to worker desertion .
If my recollection serves me aright, the number of desertions was very small indeed.
I imagine this increase must be due to an increased number of desertions, because these emoluments depend upon the number of desertions.
The troops were still moving in good order and obeying discipline, while desertions were almost non-existent.
If those desertions go on, what will happen to the unfortunate refugees?
The number of them may as well have been much greater, if it hadn’t been for mass desertions among conscripts.
During the retreat, desertions from the brigade increased greatly, and the entire formation seemed close to disintegration.
Only 7,361 of the 38,630 desertions were in the field.






  • betrayal
  • abrogation
  • apostasy
  • avoidance
  • backsliding
  • departure
  • derelict
  • dereliction
  • disaffection
  • disavowal
  • divorce
  • elusion
  • escape
  • evasion
  • falseness
  • flight
  • forsaking
  • leaving
  • perfidy
  • rejection
  • relinquishment
  • renunciation
  • repudiation
  • resignation
  • retirement
  • retreat
  • secession
  • tergiversation
  • treachery
  • truancy
  • withdrawal
  • castoff
  • defecting
  • departing
  • disavowing
  • falling away
  • going back on
  • marooning
  • recreancy
  • running out on


  • allowance
  • approval
  • arrival
  • coming
  • meeting
  • ratification
  • stay
  • aid
  • assistance
  • help
  • staying


英語 意味(和訳) 詳しく解説!
desertion 放棄、遺棄 (abandonment)
desertion 脱走、脱営 (of military duty) ( 軍人 )


An example of mass desertion occurred in 1481 when a group of 300 horsemen joined the opposing Holy Roman forces.
Monks chant scriptures in the very focus, and a lot of desertion.
Except for desertion by a person responsible for protection of the victim and gross negligence resulting in bodily injury or death, the numbers of cleared cases and persons cleared showed significant increases with respect to all types of offenses for child abuse.
I-6表 児童虐待に係る刑法犯の検挙件数・検挙人員 保護責任者遺棄及び重過失傷害・致死を除いて,どの罪種においても,検挙件数・検挙人員とも大幅に増加している。
Tender farewells to all can be arranged, rather than panic and desertion and regret.
Later press accounts condemned the crew in increasingly harsh terms; The New York Times referred to “a ghastly desertion of duty”, and condemned the “cowardly and dastardly conduct of the crew”.
Or simply to take the K85 times, there is no need to take leave without desertion.
Commanders even forbade their soldiers from singing traditional Swiss songs for fear that they’d lead to desertion or suicide.
兵士の脱走や自殺を恐れる指揮官は 傭兵にスイスの伝統的な歌を 唄うことを禁じました
The desertion of German mercenaries now grew to such an extent that active defence with patrols and raids was no longer possible.
The Confederate army, in contrast, had difficulty replacing men lost through battle, disease, and desertion.
Greeks and Romans tattooed slaves and mercenaries to discourage escape and desertion.
ギリシャ人やローマ人は 奴隷や傭兵にタトゥーを施し 逃亡や脱走を防ぎました
A nomadic Thracian from what is now Bulgaria, he had served in the Roman Army but was imprisoned for desertion.
彼は現在のブルガリアに住む 遊牧民のトラキア人で ローマ軍で戦う兵士でしたが 脱走したかどで投獄されました
Slovik was charged with desertion to avoid hazardous duty and tried by court martial on November 11, 1944.
Further down the Ohio, Clark stopped at the mouth of the Kanawha River, but again he decided to keep moving in order to prevent desertion.
Only one defector, Charles Jenkins, returned to the U.S. and faced a U.S. military court, pleading guilty to charges of desertion and aiding the enemy.
Though most of the skirmishes were small, by the end of the period, injuries and desertion had cut the regiment’s strength by 25%.
Sullivan, who had occupied the northern part of Aquidneck Island, was forced to retreat by the mass desertion of militia after the French withdrew their fleet and troops.
On 22 June, while she was filming her scenes in Casablanca, her husband, Marcel Dalio, who played Emil the croupier in the same film, filed for divorce in Los Angeles on the grounds of desertion.
Farmers are under the spotlight for issues like a lack of successors, increased aging of farmers and desertion of arable land, so we thought about how we could help out in August and December that are slow months in the wedding business.
The fact that almost all young people, close to eighty percentages are calculated percent, votes for Sanders, is a reflection factor as important as the united vote that the working class has expressed against Clinton; it is an obvious malaise of a considerable part of the democratic electorate, which fears the danger of a considerable desertion from the polls in the case of the former first lady’s nomination.
80パーセントに近い、ほぼすべての若者が、サンダースのために、票をパーセントを計算しているという事実は、労働者階級は、クリントンに対して表明したことを統一投票と同様に重要な反射率です。 それはかつての最初の女性の指名の場合の世論調査からかなり脱走の危険を恐れ民主有権者のかなりの部分の明らかな倦怠感です。
Some losses were to death or desertion, but many Brunswickers became familiar with America during their time with the Convention Army, and when the war ended, they were granted permission to stay by both Congress and their officers.
戦死や脱走による損失もあったが、多くのブランズウィッカーは協約軍 (Convention Army) として滞在する間にアメリカ人と親しくなり、戦争が終わるとアメリカの議会や上官からアメリカに留まる許可を得た。