At this time of year, one walks into a village and sees the daffodils blooming under an oak.
One says “dog”and points to a dog; and one says” daffodil ” and points to a daffodil .
1 つは「犬」と言って犬を指します。 1 つは「水仙」と言い、水仙を指します。
If we are not careful, we will find ourselves having to get a licence to plant a daffodil and another licence to pick one!
That is a measure of the small increase in price that daffodil growers have had in the last three years.
これは、水仙の生産者が過去 3 年間に経験した価格のわずかな上昇の尺度です。
I am glad to see that he is no longer deserving of those particular bunches of daffodils.
Sub-paragraph ( h ) does not deal with picking of the wild daffodil .
サブパラグラフ ( h ) は、野生の水仙の採集を扱っていません。
This is surely the classic, traditional place for us to view our daffodils and get the maximum enjoyment from them.
It becomes almost taken for granted, like selling daffodils on the corner.





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英語 意味(和訳) 詳しく解説!
daffodil 水仙、ラッパスイセン (yellow flower)
The daffodils opened in February this year.


Classify Pollen Using Neural Nets: New in Wolfram Language 12 This example demonstrates classification of pollen samples from tulips, hibiscus, daffodil, poppy, lavender and ivy using image feature extraction and neural networks.
ニューラルネットを使って花粉を分類する: Wolfram言語 12の新機能 この例では,画像の特徴抽出とニューラルネットワークを使って,チューリップ,ハイビスカス,水仙,ポピー,ラベンダー,アイビーの花粉のサンプルを分類する.
The history of the daffodil in Gloucester County is nearly as old as the county.
Drag onto the page to add a perennial border, such as daffodil, daisy, lily, phlox, or iris.
ページ上にドラッグして、多年生植物の境栽 (スイセン、ヒナギク、ユリ、キョウチクトウ、アヤメなど) を追加します。
The buttercup is the symbol of beauty, and the daffodil is the reflection of the desire for true love while chickweed represents the expectation of a lovers’ tryst.
When you notice the daffodil buds are poking through the snow and think spring is on its way, you’re using phenology.
ラッパズイセンの芽が 雪から突き出たのに気付き 春が訪れそうだと感じたら それが季節学です
This daffodil festival takes place at Kasai Rinkai Park, where spacious green fields offer views of both Tokyo Bay and Mount Fuji.
Yasujirō’s gift was a brightly coloured kusakizome karaori, but the couple instead asked for a different karaori displayed nearby with a daffodil pattern.
In our previous article on the subject “Spring decorations with spring flowers”, You will find more fantastic ideas for floral decoration in the spring.the beauty of spring flowers Spring flowers such as daffodil, snowdrop, crocus, different varieties of tulips and hyacinths should be planted in September or in October.
件名に私たちの以前の記事で 春の花と春の飾り, あなたは春に花の装飾のためのより多くの素晴らしいアイデアを見つけるでしょう。 春の花の美しさ このようスイセン、スノードロップ、クロッカス、チューリップやヒヤシンスのさまざまな品種として、春の花は9月または10月に植えする必要があります。
Different flowers can be enjoyed every season, such as peony, daffodil and tulip during spring; water lily, silk flower and crape myrtle during summer; kenaf, cosmea and bush clover during autumn; and Japanese plum, sasanqua and Christmas rose in the winter.
Bound for a long time thought to be the case with the physical landscape of the heart’s content and return to nature is such a bar must have! Ferry came and visited the girl after the daffodil is a leisurely stroll, really want to turn into a butterfly in the clear water in the Castle Peak free to fly!
長い間、バインド中心のコンテンツと自然への復帰の物理的な風景の場合にする必要がありますこのようなバーがあると考えられる! フェリーがやってきて、少女の後にスイセンゆっくりと、本当に城ピークフライに無料で澄んだ水の蝶に無効にしたい散歩を訪問!
That was one messed up daffodil.
This sunny flower, also called Daffodil, but has a dual meaning.
As that among the beautiful and fragrant flowers that have been collecting the girls, singled out one like this ever not made the Earth. Daffodil said later.
並みに美しいと香りのよい花を集めている女の子, これまでにない地球を作ったこのような 1 つの白羽. スイセンの後で言った.
At Japan’s largest Daffodil Garden, there are over 1 million daffodils of 600 different breeds covering the hills in the early spring.
Every year in April, the Pierce County Daffodil Festival and Parade is held.
Daffodil Winery – Bronco Wine The Eola-Amity Hills AVA has a unique terroir that sets it apart from the surrounding Willamette Valley viticultural area.
水仙のワイナリー - ブロンコ ワイン イオラ アミティ ・ ヒルズ AVA はウィラメット ・ ヴァレーのブドウ栽培周辺から離れてそれを設定するユニークなテロワール.
In the early stages of the revolution, the media variously referred to the unrest as the “Pink,” “Lemon”, “Silk”, or “Daffodil” revolution.
You will notice they smell of various bulbous flowers: Tulip, Hyacinth and Narcissus (Daffodil).
Daffodil‘s Yellow Carpet | Review of Biwako Valley – TRIPROUD Biwako ValleyAt Biwako Valley in Shiga, 300 thousand flowers of daffodils are now in full-bloom.That’s the largest scale of Kansai Region! What’s more, we can enjoy photogenic spots in Biwako Valley and Terrace.
一面黄色の絨毯の水仙畑 | びわ湖バレイの口コミ - TRIPROUD びわ湖バレイ滋賀県にあるびわ湖バレイには今30万球の水仙が見頃を迎えています✨なんと関西最大級!!びわ湖バレイ・テラスには他にもフォトジェニックなスポットも沢山ありますよ️
Visit Kasai Rinkai Park’s daffodil festival to be surrounded by the beautiful sight and fragrance of fresh flowers.