Yet if her will and its various codicils provide an accurate reflection of her circumstances in later life, she appears to have managed her personal finances very effectively.
If a man has written a codicil and not signed it, how are we to presume what his motives were?
The important thing about that codicil is the date.
This codicil to the grant might be a useful step.
Certainly, it is a longer time than he would have left if he had wanted the codicil to be in the proper form.
Probate of his will and four codicils was granted in 1852.
1852 年に彼の遺言状の検認と 4 つの法典が認められました。
I am informed that it cannot be assumed as certain that the unwitnessed codicil represents the final intention of the testator.
I am thinking of adding a codicil to my will and asking my executor to look for a female undertaker.
In the codicil , it was stipulated that it had to be built by a certain time.
The argument about the pictures is based on a codicil which was not signed.





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英語 意味(和訳) 詳しく解説!
codicil 遺言補足書 ( [sth] appended to a will) ( 法律 )


And that’s why you contested the codicil.
だから あなたは 遺言補足書に 異議を唱えたのね
An amendment to a will is called a codicil.
In a 1789 codicil to his will, Benjamin Franklin established a legacy to fund the Franklin Medals, which are awarded to the school’s top-ranking pupils at graduation.
Three years later, in 1822, in a codicil to that will, he stipulated that money be provided to transport and settle the freed slaves on land to be purchased in the free state of Ohio.
By placing assets into an offshore company, and then having probate for the shares in the offshore determined by the laws of the offshore jurisdiction (usually in accordance with a specific will or codicil sworn for that purpose), the testator can sometimes avoid such strictures.
Some lords supported the idea of Gloucester as regent because of his youth, and his emerging reputation; however, most of the lords still disliked the idea and expressed great misgivings about the powers which were later to be bestowed upon him by the codicil of 1422.
She added a codicil in 1899 directing that a school building be constructed on the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral property and asked that it be called the Lane-Johnston Building “to the end that the family names of my husband and myself may be associated with the bequest made in loving memory of our sons.”
彼女は、1899年に遺言補足書を加え、ワシントン大聖堂の所有地に学校を建てて、レーン=ジョンソン・ビルディング (the Lane-Johnston Building) と名付けて、私自身と夫の家名が、私たちの息子たちの愛おしい記憶とともに遺贈される建物と結びつけられることを望んだ。
The will was contested by her relatives but upheld in court, though a codicil giving Adams’ mother £100 was overturned.
Every now and then, we come across a friend we like, and the chemistry may be perfect too. But how do you go about it and pop the question without making things uncomfortable? Catherine’s will includes a surprise codicil returning Leslie’s stock in the mill to her I don’t think you ever will.
反対の二人の友人なら、これは、より真実であります 性別 生き興奮を維持するために完璧な相性を共有. ときどき, 私たちは、私たちが好きな友人に遭遇します, そして化学は完璧すぎるかもしれ. しかし、どのようにそれについて移動し、物事が不快にせずに質問をポップします?キャサリンの意志は父親にミルでレスリーの株式を返す驚きのcodicilを含み.そして、私はあなたが今までとは思いません.
However… an additional codicil, delivered into my possession by post only this morning, and by all indications, sent by Madame D. during the last hours of her life, contains an amendment to the original certificate, which, as prescribed by law,
また多くの親族の方に 小額の贈与があります この受給者のリストは 遺産執行に従い明らかにします ところで
Just before his death, Delius prepared a codicil to his will whereby the royalties on future performances of his music would be used to support an annual concert of works by young composers.
The codicil has that “the persons in charge of each police station, transmit to their hierarchical scale the news relative to the forwarding of the information of crime to the judicial authority, regardless of the obligations prescribed by the rules of the criminal procedure code.”
暫定的かつ最終的な刑事訴訟法の例外。 コディシルはそれを持っている各警察署の担当者は、犯罪情報の司法当局への転送に関するニュースを階層的なスケールで送信します。
Codicils should be kept with the will.
Of course, it’s vital that codicils be dated so the court can tell that they were made after your will.
Writing a New Will Sometimes when you undergo a major life change, such as divorce, remarriage, having more children, or winning the lottery, it’s a better idea to rewrite your will from scratch rather than making a lot of small changes through codicils.
新しい遺書の作成 離婚、再婚、新しい子供の誕生、宝くじの当選等、人生に大きな変化があったときには、追記で多くの修正を加えるよりも、遺書を書き直したほうが賢明です。