The occupation of a golf caddie is peculiarly unsuited to young persons and peculiarly suitable for adults not strong enough for active labour or partially incapacitated for some cause.
From whatever angle you judge the position of these caddies would they not have been much better in the open air on the golf links augmenting their small weekly pittance.
I have the names and addresses of persons in whose homes the very tea caddies have been inspected, and in other cases the butter-dish and the bread-pan have been examined.
He became a caddie and taught himself the game.
They are all short of caddies.
A great number of them employ as many as fifty caddies and some employ many more on busy days of the week.
多くのキャディーが 50 人ものキャディーを雇っており、忙しい日にはそれ以上のキャディーを雇っているキャディーもいます。
The political landscape must be read, like a golfer reads the landscape of the course-pick the right clubs, and have the right people to caddie along the way.
To qualify for the scholarship, students must have outstanding academic and caddie records, good character and leadership skills and financial need.





英語 意味(和訳) 詳しく解説!
caddie キャディー (golf player’s assistant) ( ゴルフ )


Outside of school, he earned money selling oranges and as a caddie for white golfers.
The caddie tip, which formerly told you exactly where you needed to aim to sink your shot, is gone.
He earned $30 a week as a caddie and shoe shiner.
A good caddie is aware of the challenges and obstacles of the golf course being played, along with the best strategy in playing it.
Graceland for example, hosts six monthly golf clinics for disadvantaged children and during 2006, gave several youngsters the opportunity to learn the game from Lucky Nhlapo, a master caddie and keen golfer.
例えばグレースランドは恵まれない子供たちのために6つの月間ゴルフスクールを主催し、2006年には、若者に、ベテランのキャディーで熱心なゴルファーでもあるLucky Nhlapoから指導を受ける機会を提供した。
Y2 as an accompanying caddie should have prevented the player from taking an action against the manners.
How much a caddie should pay attention to and observe players varies depending on conditions such as experience of players.
In the opening scene, Benjy, accompanied by Luster, a servant boy, watches golfers on the nearby golf course as he waits to hear them call “caddie“-the name of his favorite sibling.
When one of them calls for his golf caddie, Benjy’s mind embarks on a whirlwind course of memories of his sister, Caddy, focusing on one critical scene.
They caddie you attentively and make sure your club clean at the end of the round. Besides golfing, be active to explore the local landmarks of Bitexco Tower & Sky Deck, Reunification Palace, Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, Xa Loi Pagoda, Artinus 3D Art Museum, Suoi Tien Theme Park, Zoo & Botanical Garden, Cu Chi Tunnel, and more. You can work with a golf tour operator or directly contact the course representatives to book the rounds for yours.
彼らは注意深くあなたのキャディやラウンドの終了時にあなたのクラブをきれいにしてください. ゴルフ以外にも, Bitexcoタワーの地元のランドマークを探索するアクティブにします & スカイデッキ, 統一会堂, サイゴンノートルダム大聖堂, 第Xaロイパゴダ, Artinus 3Dアートミュージアム, Suoiティエンテーマパーク, 動物園 & 植物園, クチトンネル, より. あなたはゴルフのツアーオペレーターと作業したり、直接あなたのためのラウンドを予約するコースの担当に連絡することができます.
BRG Kings’ Island Golf & Resort – Golf Course with the Best Caddie With the location in Son Tay, Hanoi, BRG Kings’ Island Golf & Resor is now best known for its high-quality caddies. dibangun ing 1993, the course includes 36 holes scattered in an area of 350 hectares on the earth and 1500 hectares on the lake.
BRG王のアイランドゴルフ & リゾート - ゴルフコースベストキャディー付き ソンタイで位置し, ハノイ, BRG王のアイランドゴルフ & リゾート 今最高の高品質のキャディーのために知られています.
For example, some players seek advice from the caddie on every shot, while others don’t.
たとえば、プレーヤーによっては、一打ごとに距離や方向に助言を求める 人もいれば、そうでない人もいます。
When the shaft (30) is folded, the stance setting auxiliary tool (1) can be carried and can be contained in a caddie bag.
We only apply basic expense of one time playing (included cart, caddie and green fee).
Caddie wear The “Caroline” line of golf caddie uniforms feature innovative designs and materials.
キャディウェア 今までにないデザインと素材のゴルフキャディ用ユニフォームカロライン。
You can enjoy self play golf (no caddie) with a golf GPS systems, which is the only in Ishikawa.
An array of prizes was distributed during the lunch, including Shangri-La hotels and resorts vouchers, smartphones and high-end gadgets such as luxury pens, golf drivers and caddie bags.
ランチをお楽しみいただいている間、シャングリ・ラ ホテルズ&リゾーツのバウチャーをはじめ、スマートフォン、高級ペン、ゴルフドライバー、キャディバッグなどのハイエンドな賞品の抽選会が行われました。
My caddie had excellent English, but my wife’s not so much, and distances given were often completely wrong by as much as 40m.
私はダナンでレイアウトを好ましいが、両方のコースは良好な状態にありました.ダナンでのキャディーは非常に良好でした, 優れた英語と自分の距離計算や緑の読み取りは、上のスポットでした.バナヒルズは、一方で、この点ではあまりよくありませんでした.
Player’s fault a.Precedents related to cases where an accompanying player or a caddie was hit by a ball There are several judicial precedents related to accidents while playing golf.
同伴プレーヤーまたはキャディーに当たった判例 ゴルフプレー中の事故については、既にいくつかの裁判例が出されている。
The play style of golf changes greatly, and the number of golf courses where the caddie who clean your golfball for you doesn’t exist has increased in recent years.