This stew is garnished with aubergine and usually served with rice.
Tombet combines layers of sliced potatoes, aubergines and red bell peppers previously fried in olive oil.
トンベットは、スライスしたジャガイモ、茄子、赤ピーマンをオリーブ オイルで揚げたものです。
Local cuisine includes stuffed aubergines (maranciani chini), and traditional specialities made with the beans with and vegetables (favi e fogghi).
郷土料理には、茄子の詰め物 (maranciani chini) や、豆と野菜を使った伝統的な料理 (favi e fogghi) などがあります。
The main ingredients of xat are endive salad, cod, tuna, anchovies, aubergine and black olives.
xat の主な材料は、アンダイブ サラダ、タラ、マグロ、アンチョビ、ナス、ブラック オリーブです。
To her horror, she found the tasty morsel on the end of her fork was mouse, not aubergine .
The dish is prepared by sauteing cubed aubergine , potatoes, carrots, green peppers and courgettes.
Daun ubi tumbuk is frequently cooked with cempokak, a small bitter aubergine .
Daun ubi tumbuk は、小さな苦い茄子であるセンポカックと一緒に調理されることがよくあります。
On top of the aubergine , potato slices are placed on top of the mixture, and the dish is baked.






英語 意味(和訳) 詳しく解説!
UK: aubergine
ナス 、 なすび US, AU (purple-skinned vegetable)
John made stuffed eggplants for dinner.
eggplant (US,
aubergine (UK)
ナス (plant) ( 植物 )
Karl is growing eggplants in the garden. Aubergine is a healthy and delicious vegetable.
eggplant (US,
aubergine (UK)
茄子紺色、濃紫色、濃い紫色 (dark purple colour) ( )
Rachel asked if the dress came in eggplant.
eggplant (US,
aubergine (UK)
茄子紺色の、濃紫色の、濃い紫色の (dark purple in color) ( )
Our bedroom walls are aubergine.


The rice bran with aubergine leaves, persimmon skins, and red chili help create the unique fragrant and taste.
Yield – a little more than 4 kg with 1 m2.Residents of the southern regions of Russia prefer a variety of aubergine called Almaz, which became a real classic among vegetable growers.
収量 - 4 kg以上の1 kg2.ロシアの南部の住民は、野菜栽培者の間で本当の古典となったAlmazと呼ばれる様々な茄子を好む。
The air was thick, sweet, ashy and salty… was someone cooking miso glazed aubergine in the distance?
The main dishes also show the chef’s skill at creating delicious vegetarian food, with a smoky roast aubergine stuffed with rice and barley pilaf and topped with buffalo mozzarella (240 baht).
主菜でも、おいしい創作ベジタリアン料理にかけるシェフの腕を披露しています。ライスとオオムギのピラフを詰めたナスに水牛の乳で作ったモツァレラ チーズをのせて焼いた、スモーキーな香りの一品 (240 バーツ) もおすすめです。
In our family the aubergine was known as a real wreck, which… Garden and cottage – read more… Cultivation of eggplant: varieties of novelties and reviews about them
私たちの家族では、牡蠣は本当の難破船として知られていました… ガーデンとコテージ - 続きを読む… ナスの栽培:それらのノミティとレビューの品種
After the banks are completely cooled, transfer them to a permanent place of storage.Alexander KOLODKOGrowing peppers and aubergine – video
銀行が完全に冷えたら、それらを恒久的な保管場所に移します。 アレクサンダー・コロドコ育てているピーマンと牡蠣 - ビデオ
It is completely covered with rucola, but under it, there were sliced aubergine and sweet pepper.
Whether it was in reality – we do not know, but the name of the dish has survived to this day, and the aubergine has won extraordinary popularity almost all over the world.
Since eggplants can be grown in a non-seedlings way, it is extremely important to keep moisture in the soil (especially during the sowing season).When the aubergine plants reach a height of 25-30 cm, their tip is cut off.
ナスは苗以外の方法で栽培することができるので、土壌中に水分を保つことは非常に重要です(特に播種期)。 ナスの植物が25-30 cmの高さに達すると、それらの先端は切断される。
Soil mixture carefully mix and leave indoors for the winter.Seed the aubergine seeds on the seedlings in the middle of February, focusing on the phase of the growing Moon.
徹底的に土壌ミックスをポッティング冬の余地を残します。 月の成長期に焦点を当て、2月中旬ナスの苗の種をまきます。
And this accusation is not without foundation: wrong conditions for growing aubergine led to the fact that the plant accumulated poisonous substances (in particular, solanine) and was the cause of poisoning, which was accompanied by hallucinations and violent behavior.
When the stalk is damaged, the eggplant leaves acquire a violet-red hue, their stems thicken and start to break easily, the leaves on the upper shoots become corrugated, the flowers deform, dry and fall off.Regardless of the high level of selection, so far the aubergine varieties resistant to stalking have not been developed.
stolburナスの葉の敗北は、赤紫色の色調をオンにすると、その上部の枝の葉の上に、厚く、簡単に壊れ始める茎が波形ている、花が変形している、彼らが干上がると落ちます。 高レベルの選択にかかわらず、これまでのところ、ストーキングに抵抗性のナス科品種は開発されていない。
Break a break on the downhill, and I as usual was the first unit. Qiongzhong back, this time supper where is aubergine pot, playing the phone, waiting for one will go back, and turned the night of the dark winding Road, ears ringing voice of the students are snoring, and finally at midnight back to the sea large.
Minimal even lacquered sole with smoked Aubergine glaze and a delicate cream of rice: very few ingredients and a great technique performed behind another dish where Dan expresses his philosophy of Chef.
最小限でもスモーク茄子釉薬と米の繊細なクリームと底を漆塗り: ダンがシェフの彼の哲学を表現するもう一つの皿の後ろに非常にいくつかの成分と偉大な技術の実行.
In paper, even more traditional entrees, as the Aubergine pie with roasted tomato and caciocavallo (12 euros) some sort of Eggplant parmigiana revisited and made lighter; But even the most creative dishes, as the sphere port with white fish and red shrimp (16 euros).
紙で, さらに伝統的なメインディッシュ, ロースト トマトとカチョカヴァッロとナスのパイとして (12 ユーロ) ナスのパルミジャーナ再訪し、軽量化のいくつかの並べ替え; しかし、最も創造的な料理, 白身魚とエビの赤球ポートとして (16 ユーロ).
I wanted to recreate the combination-Prince of mozzarella di bufala, the traditional one with tomato and Basil caprese, Sicilian Aubergine but couldn’t give up.
, トマトとバジルのカプレーゼと伝統的なもの, シチリア茄子をあきらめることができませんでしたが、.
In short, if you have never had the courage to come closer to a leavened, This lightweight pan brioche and without mixing for you. The recipe comes from the book Strawberries Merenda Sabrine of Aubergine, but I have taken directly from the Gabila Gerardi “Chocolate sweet bread”, I trust blindly. As you know I normally use the yeast, both for bread and for the sweet leavened (brioche, panettone), but this time I followed the recipe and I used the dry yeast: The brioche came soft, soft and without any aftertaste of yeast.
要は, あなたは発酵に近づく勇気を持っていたことがない場合, この軽量のパンブリオッシュ、あなたのために混合することなく. レシピは、ナスの書籍イチゴMerenda Sabrineから来ています, 私はGabila Gerardiから直接取得しています ”チョコレートの甘いパン”, 私は盲目的に信頼します. ご存知のように、私は通常、酵母を使用します, パンの甘い発酵のための両方 (ブリオッシュ, パネットーネ), 今回は私がレシピに続いて、私は乾燥酵母を使用しました: ブリオッシュソフト来ました, ソフトと酵母のいずれかの後味なし.
Today’s main dishes: Main dish #1: Chicken & Fried Aubergine (Eggplant) Coconut Milk Curry The sweetness of the coconut milk is perfectly balanced by the zingy spiciness of the jalapeno pepper.This original curry also features the unique fragrance of coriander (cilantro) which is sure to get you hooked! This one is definitely my favourite!!
メイン1鶏肉と揚げ茄子のココナツミルクカレー ココナッツミルクの甘みと同時に、ハラペーニョの辛さがピリリ! パクチーの独特の香りがクセになりそうな、本格カレーです 私の一押しメニュー! メイン2あっさりした鶏のスープごはん 小松菜のお浸しと、たっぷりの薬味 女性に人気の、とろみのある鶏のスープをかけた優しいお味のご飯モノ。
Aubergine, potato and pasta.
Then the seeds are washed, spread a thin layer on the fabric and dried in the shade at a temperature of about 29 º C. Dried seeds are placed in paper bags and kept in a warm dry place for no more than 5 years (this is how much they retain their germination).To increase the yield of aubergine on farmer plots, use corn loops from each 12-15 rows of aubergine.
次いで種を洗浄し、薄い層を布地上に広げ、約29ºCの温度でシェード内で乾燥させる。 乾燥した種子を紙袋に入れ、暖かい乾燥した場所に5年以上保存します(発芽を維持する程度です)。 農家のプロット上でのナスの収穫量を増やすには、ナスの各12-15列のコーンループを使用します。