She sat proudly astride her new motorbike.
比喩的な意味 The town lies astride (= on either side of) the River Havel.
その町はハベル川にまたがっている (= 両岸にある)


He was good enough to tell me before he left that some minor technical adjustment was required to that technological wonder which sits astride his splendid brow.
彼は去る前に、彼の見事な額に またがって いる技術的驚異に若干の技術的調整が必要であると私に言うのに十分だった.
Instead, a cab for the engineer was placed above and astride the boiler.
代わりに、機関士用の運転台がボイラーの上に またがっ て配置されました。
He sits astride the whole of rugby as the ultimate athlete on the pitch.
彼はピッチ上の究極のアスリートとしてラグビー全体に またがっ ています。
Situated astride one of the world’s historic trade routes, its prosperity has risen and fallen with that trade.
世界の歴史的な交易路の 1 つに またがって 位置し、その繁栄は交易とともに盛衰しました。
The carriages sat astride the trestles like panniers.
馬車はパニエのように架台に またがっ て座っていました。
Flat cars are arranged with foot boards so that driver and passengers sit astride the track.
フラットカーは、運転手と乗客が線路に またがっ て座るようにフットボードが配置されています。
Far from demure, she performed daring stunts and rode astride , like her brothers.
おとなしいどころか、彼女は兄弟のように大胆なスタントを行い、 またがって 走りました。
The driver no longer sat astride the machine which was built with more conventional forward facing seats in the front.
ドライバーは、前部に前向きの座席を備えた従来の機械に またがっ て座る必要がなくなりました。
The doctor has not seen the boy; finally, she finds him placidly astride his pony, who is grazing near a stream.
医者はその少年を見ていません。最後に、小川の近くで放牧しているポニーに またがっ て穏やかに彼を見つけました。
He wound up astride me with both hands around my neck.
彼は私の首に両手をまわして私に またがり ました。





  • astraddle
  • athwart
  • on the back of
  • piggyback
  • straddling


英語 意味(和訳) 詳しく解説!
astride 両足で~にまたがって (with a leg on either side of)
The rider sat astride a chestnut horse.
astride ~にまたがって (across)
This vast mountain range sits astride the border of two states.
この広大な山脈は、2 つの州の境界にまたがっています。
astride (両足で)またがって (with legs on either side of [sth] )
Horsewomen used to ride side-saddle because their long skirts made it difficult to sit astride.


So too we are dwarfs astride the shoulders of giants.
… つまり我々もまた、巨人の肩にまたがった矮人である。
My peasants foolishly walk on foot instead of astride ponies.
Nor is it because he has witnessed, astride his horse, many of the major events in the history of this country.
Then she sits astride the face of the man while playing a clarinet.
Inspired by a photo of Mad Men’s Don Draper astride a classic bike and wearing his finest suit.
クラシックなバイクにまたがり、お洒落なスーツを着こなしている Mad Men の Don Draper の写真にインスパイアされたイベント。
It is the tower which memorialized the victory that 19’s Naresuan king sits astride an elephant in the pagoda of 72m high in 1592, and broke a Burmese prince by single combat.
Just after that KOTOMI who felt micturition desire sit astride on the chair and urinates on the floor in the classroom.
It sits astride the sea lanes that the Russian Northern Fleet needs to get out and go into warmer waters.
そこはロシアの北方艦隊が 外海へと出て 温かい海域へ航海するシーレーンを またぐような位置にあります
Williams’s division was placed astride of the Powder Springs Road, and thus would receive the brunt of the coming attack.
Cougar proprietress spree pretend hips astride a man in Hadajiban figure disturb the kimono.
The town of Wallingford sits astride the Quinnipiac River in northern New Haven County.
To the south several more German attacks from their position astride the road were stopped but the road was still cut.
Si streams of the village is a river, the river astride a small covered bridges, called “Tongji Bridge”, came this little wooden covered bridges be considered to the village.
I thought my search had ended at the man-made gorges of Sukkur’s mechanical marvel, astride mighty Indus flood.
サックールの機械的驚異の 人造の峡谷に 強烈なインダスの洪水がまたがり 私の探索は終ったものだと考えていた。
This is largely because the island sits more or less astride the border between Morrowind and the Nord homeland of Skyrim.
これは多かれ少なかれ島が Morrowind と Nord の故郷 Skyrim との間の国境にまたがっていることが主な理由である。
What if also therefore get involved aliens? Through crop circles they take care of it, that at least this way, got astride agricultural theme in reports.
Imagine all things Kaitai in the early morning, a Yingzisashuang prince, astride a white horse vigorous.
During this operation, an AB working aft stood astride a slackened spring rope which suddenly came under tension, striking his leg with considerable force.
To get into this position, the woman lies on the bed, face up, and legs spread, while the man stands astride her face, bends over and picks her up, legs round his neck.
Tarokaja gets astride on a wooden stick and picks up a sake cask while turning around once, imitating a horseman of yabusame, and runs for his life.