an arthritic hip/knee


A comparison of uniform and eutrophic electrotherapies in a clinical procedure of rehabilitation of some movements in the arthritic hand.
I know that the arthritic will not die tomorrow and that the coronary might.
If not, what action will he take so that the massive delays that arthritic patients in this country now face before receiving treatment are reduced?
Of the rest, rheumatic and arthritic diseases were the largest group, followed by diseases of the senses and circulatory diseases.
Another constituent is having to wait 91 weeks to see a consultant who will then decide whether he can go on a waiting list for treatment on an arthritic knee.
As the lids are impossible for arthritic fingers to manipulate, tablets are decanted into egg cups, old tins etc.
Another case involves an elderly lady with an arthritic spine; she, too, will have to wait until the new financial year before she can have an operation.
We have at present an arthritic society, with people locked into the areas where they live and unable to move elsewhere.





  • debilitated
  • disabled
  • paralyzed
  • shaking
  • sick
  • trembling
  • atonic
  • diseased
  • helpless
  • neurasthenic
  • paralytic
  • rheumatic
  • sclerotic
  • shaky
  • spastic
  • tremorous
  • weak


  • healthy
  • steady
  • walking


英語 意味(和訳) 詳しく解説!
arthritic 関節炎持ちの、関節炎の (suffering from inflamed joints) ( )
arthritic 関節炎の (joints: inflamed) ( 膝など )


Research has indicated that the plant species is used for curing diabetes and arthritic conditions.
Stress diseases cropped up among the humans, ulcers and heart palpitations and arthritic pains.
They are used primarily in the treatment of chronic arthritic conditions and certain soft tissue disorders associated with pain and inflammation.
It fits arthritic hands. It fits children’s hands.
関節炎の手 子供の手にもよく収まります
Inflammatory pain, such as arthritic and post-operative pain, is triggered by tissue injury, leading to the release of compounds that increase inflammation and act within the spinal cord to cause persistent pain.
The effector cell function inhibitor comprised of CCR5-antagonist is capable of inhibiting the function of effector cells playing an important roll in disease generation, etc., so that it is useful in the prevention and/or treatment of, for example, transplant rejections (rejection of solid organ graft, rejection of pancreatic cell transplant in diabetes, graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), etc.), autoimmune diseases (arthritis, chronic arthritic rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, etc.), allergoses (asthma, etc.), ischemic diseases (ischmia reperfusion lesion, etc.), cancer or cancer metabasis, etc.
CCR5アンタゴニストからなるエフェクター細胞の機能阻害剤は、疾患の形成等に重要な役割を担うエフェクター細胞の機能を阻害するので、例えば移植の拒絶反応(固形臓器移植片の拒絶、糖尿病における膵島細胞移植の拒絶、または移植片対宿主病(GVHD(graft-versus-host disease))等)、自己免疫疾患(関節炎、慢性関節炎リウマチ、多発性硬化症、または潰瘍性大腸炎等)、アレルギー性疾患(喘息等)、虚血性疾患(虚血再灌流傷害等)、または癌もしくは癌転移等の予防および/または治療に有用である。
It fits arthritic hands.
関節炎の手 子供の手にもよく収まります
This can lead to calcium deposits and arthritic changes in the cervical vertebrae.
Before they got swollen and arthritic, my mom’s fingers clacked away in the hospital H.R. department where she worked.
関節にかかって 腫れ上がる前 母の指は 勤務していた病院の 人事部でタイプライターを
The intake produces weight loss, stimulates our defense system, optimizes the assimilation of nutrients, prevents intestinal putrefaction, relieves skin diseases, removal of heavy metals, and reduces arthritic discomfort.
これをとる事で、 体重の減少、 防御システムを刺激し、栄養素の吸収をうながし、腸の腐敗を防止し、皮膚病、重金属の除去を軽減し、関節の不快感を減少させます。
In a mouse model of chronic arthritic bone inflammation, they found that new TCVs develop within weeks.
When she laid on her left side, she would curl into a ball to relieve the pain… even if her arthritic spine was being twisted.
Similar in strength to human bone, pyrocarbon ball bearings can be used to substitute seized-up arthritic joints in the upper limbs.
In patients with arthritic wrist joints, a pyrocarbon ball placed upon a titanium stem inserted in one of the wrist bones can restore smooth forearm rotation movements.
Ease Inflammation Raspberry ketones can certainly naturally ease which will help prevent muscular along with rheumatic pain while they possess a similar anti-inflammatory effects as drugs including NSAID’s (e. grams. aspirin) simply by lowering selected enzymes in your body that will cause discomfort along with pain using arthritic as well as other related ailments.
や炎症 ラズベリーケトン類であるということで自然にやれるのを防ぐ筋肉とリウマチの痛みがを有しているかについて同様の抗炎症効果として医薬品を含む幸(eます。 グラムです。 アスピリン)だけで引き下げを選択酵素の身体を起こすような痛み痛みと一緒に使用arthritic、及び、その他の関連する疾患で苦しんでいる。
In addition to the climate spinning out of control and rogue geoengineers, other X factors identified in the report include: ethical dilemmas over new drugs and devices that could make us smarter; medical advances that could deliver a world overpopulated with “a mass of arthritic, demented, and, above all, expensive elderly who are in need of long term care and palliative solutions;” the discovery of alien life, which could have profound societal impacts.
制御しきれない地球の回転状態と詐欺師の地理エンジニア達に加えて、報告の中で確認された以下の他のX要素を含みます: 私達をいっそう賢くすることができる新薬と装置への道徳的ジレンマ、”痴呆症にかかって、関節炎だらけで、その上長期間の介護と一時しのぎの解決法”の必要性のある費用のかかる年配者達で人口過密状態となった世界にもたらすことができる医療の進歩; 深い社会的衝撃のある異星人の生命の発見。
The joint becomes arthritic which leads to squaring at the base of thumb at the wrist.
Just as your old uncle got rid of his arthritic body, get rid of your arthritic (“accusing” and condemning) religion.
ちょうどあなたの古い叔父さんが彼の関節炎の体を取り払ったので、あなたの関節炎の(”訴え、” 非難する) 宗教を取り払い。
As 80% of our immune system is in the gut a protocol of oils to heal the gut is paramount when treating an arthritic joint or sinusitis.
After a lengthy absence, I returned for treatment of my back and arthritic knee and witnessed the physical reactions of his patients’ flailing arms and legs and spasmodic twitching of the body.